Regency Mahogany Pair Of Pembroke Tables (England, circa 1820)

Regency Mahogany Pair Of Pembroke Tables

Regency Mahogany Pair Of Pembroke Tables (England, circa 1820)


A Very Good Quality Pair Of 19th Century
Regency Period Mahogany Baby Pembroke
Tables Having Well Figured Two Flap Tops
With One Drawer Opposed By One False
Drawer To Frieze Raised On Elegant Turned
Tapering Legs With Original Brass Castors

(Its rare to find any pair of antique tables of any kind still together
100’s of years after they were made, but its particularly rare when
they are as useful and functional as these. They are absolutely perfect
for a whole variety of different spots around the home and are also
constructed from a high quality grade of mahogany. They ooze
sophistication, elegance and class and we really don’t expect to have
them in stock for very long at all before somebody snaps them up!

Pembroke tables became one of the most popular pieces of
furniture around the mid 18th century due to their versatility and
plethora of different uses. In fact George Hepplewhite himself
actually described Pembroke tables as the most useful of tables
and many references can be found to them in the literature of the
time with people such as Jane Austen even describing them being
used for dining at, or having papers kept in them to use them as a
writing table and there is even reference to them in other places as
being used for ladies to do their embroidery at.

It is certain that they are incredibly versatile even in todays world
and can be used for many, many different purposes. The ability to
use the two flaps to create significant variation in the size of the
table top surface is certainly a popular feature.)

Circa 1820

Height – 28.75in
Width – 20in
Width – 36.75in (flaps up)
Depth 24in

Stock Code8603
Height 28.75 inch (73.025 cm)
Width 20 inch (50.8 cm)
Depth 24 inch (60.96 cm)
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