Worry Free Returns

Here at S & S Timms Antiques we are more than confident that you will be delighted with your purchase from us, but should for some reason you not be then please do make yourself aware of our returns policy which is outlined below. This policy is applicable to items purchased as a result of any enquiry which originated from our own website

Unwanted Items

1) You have the right to return your purchase for a full refund excluding the original price stated for delivery or shipping on the items website listing.

2) We must be notified by email to within 14 days of delivery that you wish to return your item. Once your email is received by us, an email will be sent to you confirming that we have registered that you will be returning the item on our system and only once this email is received by you, should you be confident we have been notified and accepted your return. If you receive no response within 2 working days then please contact our office on 01525 719300 for further assistance.

3) It is your responsibility to arrange return transport of the unwanted item and also your responsibility to pay any fees applicable to this, although we will of course help with this where practical by arranging transporters on your behalf should you wish. The bill from these couriers will always be directly invoiced to you however. It is also your responsibility to ensure that there is adequate insurance cover in place for the item whilst both in your possession and in transit back to our warehouse. Should insurance not be in place and the item is damaged, or stolen, we will not be able to refund you.

4) Your item must be received by us at our warehouse, or another location by prior agreement, no more than 28 days (56 days for purchases from outside of the UK) after you have received confirmation from us that we are accepting your return.

5) Your item must be received in the exact same condition as when it was dispatched from our warehouse. Please be aware we hold on record photographic evidence of each items condition as they are dispatched in case of dispute.

Faulty/Damaged Items

1) It is extremely rare that any items are received which are damaged, or faulty, however should this unfortunate occurrence be the case then you are entitled to a full refund inclusive of any delivery, or shipping costs which were included in the sales price, plus any further disbursements you make with regards to your return of the item.

2) All items must be inspected thoroughly by you at the time of the delivery and should you not be happy with its condition then you should either refuse to take delivery and send the item back with the driver, or at the very least notify the driver that you are unhappy with it’s condition and ask him to make a note of that. If it is not possible to inspect the item immediately due to packaging (US Deliveries) then you should ensure that you unpack it within a maximum of 24 hours after taking delivery and satisfy yourself as to it’s condition.

3) We here at S & S Timms must be notified by email by you within 24 hours of taking delivery that you are not satisfied as to your items condition. This applies even when the item has been refused delivery and sent back with the original driver.

4) Once your email is received by us an email will be sent to you confirming that we have registered that you will be returning the item on our system and only once this email is received by you should you be confident we have been notified and accepted your return. If you receive no response within 2 working days then please contact our office on 01525 719300 for further assistance.

4) Once we have either received your faulty/damaged item back, or you have sent detailed images of the damage we will contact you as soon as practically possible with regards to discussing the further options available at that time. These may include, but are not limited to; a) issuing you with a full refund inclusive of all original delivery/ shipping costs, or b) restoring the item to it’s original condition and delivering back out to you at no further cost or inconvenience to yourself.

5) Please be aware that should we believe the item you return is still in the condition it was in when you agreed to purchase it and when it was dispatched by us, then in line with our unwanted items return policy above, we will only be able to refund your original purchase price minus any related delivery and collection charges. Please note that we hold on record photographic evidence of each items condition as they are dispatched in case of dispute.