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As you can imagine having been in business for well over 40 years we have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of the antiques trade between us here at S & S Timms Antiques Ltd. We are always more than happy to share and pass this experience and knowledge on to others where possible, whether they be avid collectors, novice dealers, prospective clients, or even just a member of the public seeking advice on something. We all have to start somewhere and passionately believe here at S & S Timms that sometimes our own industry can be seen as a little inaccessible, or even snooty at times.

As you have probably already established, our business is now run from our extensive website, which us updated on an almost daily basis, and also from the many antiques fairs we attend with a small selection of our stock throughout the UK each year. We used to display a small selection of our stock for sale at The Edenbridge Galleries in Kent, which, is an exceptional, high quality collective of respected dealers from various disciplines, owned and managed by Antiques Roadshow furniture expert Lennox Cato.

Anything which is for sale on our website can be viewed by appointment at our warehouse facility in Bedfordshire, or alternatively via our approval service, which subject to availability, allows clients to view prospective purchases in the comfort of their own home. Further details regarding the approval service can be found on each items individual detail page.

Of course we also attend in the region of 8 – 12 high quality Antiques Fairs each year, ranging from small boutique events to the grandest of central London events. We always try to showcase as much variety and volume of our stock as possible at these events, but in truth it is only ever possible for us to display an extremely small crosssection of our stock at any one time. We always have complimentary downloadable etickets available to events we are attending, and these will always be available to print and download on our fairs/events page and you will also be able to keep an eye on our schedule for the year there.