Trade Association Memberships

S & S Timms are proud members of the two leading antiques trade associations in the United Kingdom and World. These are BADA (The British Antiques Dealers Association) and LAPADA (The London And Provincial Antique Dealers Association)

Our membership of these associations who both operate their own strict codes of conduct by which their members are expected to adhere at all times means an extra guarantee of both authenticity and quality from any objects we offer for sale. Robbie Timms also proudly serves as the elected representative for the East Of England region on the BADA’s management council which enables him to represent his fellow dealers interests.

Both associations offer many different services to both their members and also to members of the public including Certificates Of Authenticity, Dispute Resolution Services, Luxury Antiques Fairs, Advice On Customs & Regulatory Issues Affecting The Industry, Extensive Websites and they even offer special furniture polish for sale.

The British Antique Dealers Association

” Founded in 1918, BADA (The British Antique Dealers’ Association) is the leading trade association for the fine art, design and antiques community.

Our members are carefully vetted and selected for their wealth of experience, professional integrity, and the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of their stock.

Many BADA members are internationally recognised for their expertise and unparalleled knowledge in their chosen field of speciality.

Our members have played a key role in contributing to many of the world’s leading museums, galleries and public collections.

Our members adhere to a vigorously enforced code of conduct which is laid down in the association’s bye laws.

After a thorough election procedure, our dealers continue to have their membership renewed and confirmed annually.

It is for this reason that a member of the public can have complete confidence when buying from, or selling to, a BADA member.

There are approximately three hundred and fifty dealers, galleries and shops worldwide who have met the very high standards that BADA demands. “

The London & Provincial Antique Dealers Association

” LAPADA is the largest professional trade association of art & antiques dealers in the UK. Over 500 dealers represent expertise across the entire spectrum of art and antique items: furniture, fine art, carpets, tapestries, antiquities, clocks, ceramics, decorative objects, silver and jewellery.

Membership is only offered to those who meet the Association’s strict membership criteria, regarding experience, quality of art & antiques and knowledge of their field. This is to underpin and ensure that the public know that, when they buy from a LAPADA member, they are purchasing exceptional quality and assurance, alongside their chosen piece.

All members have agreed to abide by a strict Code of Practice and in the unlikely event of a dispute, the Association offers a free Conciliation Service.

In addition to the protection afforded by the Code of Practice, all art and antiques dealers (unlike auctioneers whose Conditions of Sale protect them) must comply with consumer protection laws. The LAPADA Code of Practice also ensures that all items for sale in a member’s shop or at a fair must be clearly and correctly labelled including the price: LAPADA members are not permitted to use confusing codes.”