Who's Who

We felt that it may be useful to be able to either put a face to the name if you have spoken person somewhere, so here is a quick who’s who at S & S Timms Antiques.

Steve Timms
Time at S & S Timms – Over 40 years Steve is the Chief Buyer and is out on the road every day of the week attempting to source high quality and good value items from his large network of contacts built over many years in the trade. Steve’s knowledge within the field of antique furniture is exceptional and his expertise is widely respected within the trade as a whole.
Robbie Timms

Time at S & S Timms – Over 15 years

Robbie began working for his parents as a 16 year old apprentice and now helps his father to run the company. Robbie is very much the retail face of the company and although he is just as passionate about buying as his father he very much understands the need for one of them to focus on the sales side of the operation. If you have a question regarding an item you have seen for sale by S & S Timms anywhere, then there’s every chance that Robbie will be the person who helps answer your query.

Robbie also serves on furniture vetting committee’s at most of the events we attend, including Buxton, Harrogate, Olympia and Antiques For Everyone and is a member of the fairs forum advisory committee, a joint venture by Lapada and The Bada, designed to represent the dealers interest as a whole whilst negotiating and liasing with antiques fair organisers.

Jennifer Souster

Time at S & S Timms – Over 25 years

Jenny is a loyal and dedicated employee at S & S Timms, where she has been an important part of the business for many years now. She has performed many different roles over the years, but these days can usually be found on the stand at most of the fairs we exhibit at assisting Robbie. Jenny is also normally our representative on site at any Edenbridge Galleries functions which we are exhibiting at.