NHS Charities Together

During these incredible and unprecedented times for us all, we at S & S Timms would like to do our part to help. As Bedfordshire’s leading Antiques Dealers, our two owner directors live just a stones throw away from the national hero that is Captain Tom Moore and we have decided we would like to support his already quite incredible and remarkable fundraising efforts. We are therefore delighted to announce that we will be donating 20% of all revenue generated from any of our online operations throughout the entire month of May directly to NHS Charities Together which is Captain Toms charity of choice. Initially we wished to donate directly to Captain Toms just giving page and therefore add the funds generated by our initiative to the incredible amount which he has already raised, however we have been informed that Captain Toms fundraising page will be taken offline from 1st May onwards meaning that we will not be able to make our donation through his just giving page. However we feel that by making our donation directly to NHS Charities Together we are in our own small way supporting Captain Toms efforts. Just to be clear that means any purchase, which any of our clients complete from us during the month of May, will see us contributing a full fifth of that purchase price to the same charity as this incredible gentleman’s fundraising efforts. We simply cannot think of a more worthy cause at the present time and the fact Captain Tom is based locally to us simply reinforces our desire to add to his already incredible fundraising efforts. Captain Tom we salute you! “

We look forward to hopefully speaking with many of you and between us continuing to add to the immense amount of funds which Captain Tom has already managed to generate. Although we are not out and about personally at the moment due to the UK Governments essential movements directive, we do have couriers with whom we have worked regularly that we can make arrangements with to get your purchases delivered out to you. Alternatively if you would prefer for now not to take delivery, then we are happy to store them in our secure Bedfordshire warehouse free of charge until such a time as restrictions have been eased and you are able to collect from us, or we are able to deliver your items out to you. 

Just a quick update to let you know that throughout this initiative we managed to make numerous sales, raising over £2,000 for NHS Charities Together in the process. So once again we would just like to place on record our thanks to all of our customers, old and new, for helping us to help the NHS.