Set Of 6 19th Century Kitchen Dining Chairs (England, circa 1840)

Set Of 6 19th Century Kitchen Dining Chairs

Set Of 6 19th Century Kitchen Dining Chairs (England, circa 1840)


A Charming True Set Of Six West Midlands Early
19th Century Ash & Elm Kitchen Dining Chairs, In
The Manner Of Philip Clissett, Having Elegant
Spindle Turned Backs Over Solid Wooden Seats
Raised On Turned Legs Unusually With Single
Turned Front Stretcher

(These elegant chairs are identical in form to
documented designs by well known West Midlands
chair maker Philip Clissett. He was operating throughout
most of the 19th century and unusually for the time
made the entire chairs himself instead of just one of the
components to then be combined with another makers
components. He always used the traditional making method
of a pole lathe and shave horse and produced several well
known and distinctive designs throughout his career.

It is extremely rare to find a true set of 6 like these still
together with the majority of sets found these days being
“harlequin” or “matched’ sets. They are also in excellent
condition and have retained a super mellow, warm colour.
There is very little, if any restoration to speak of, but it is worth
noting that one chair has some historic shrinkage to the back
of a seat which is not affecting it structurally in the slightest
with no movement etc. All the chairs show evidence of historic
woodworm as you would expect on chairs of this age, but
this has not been live for many years and they have been
treated just in case. These chairs also come supplied
with some upholstered cushions which are probably
around 20-30 years old. Should you not wish to
keep these they can simply be lifted off and the slightly
sticky lines which they leave on the wooden seats will
just wax off)

Height – 34.5in
Width – 17.5in
Depth – 15in

Seat Height – 17in
Clearance Height – 18in

Stock Code8512
Height 34.5 inch (87.63 cm)
Width 15 inch (38.1 cm)
Depth 17.5 inch (44.45 cm)
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